Sunday, April 29, 2012


This is my second post about this singer, William So. As you may know, I don't have a favorite singer or favorite song because I know new ones will keep appearing. There are so much good songs and I just can't narrow it down to a handful that I loved. As I love discovering "new" song, I have found one I like a lot lately. 

It is called 失眠 by William So, a Hong Kong Canto-pop singer. 失眠 means Insomnia in Chinese. The song itself is over 20 years of age, recorded in the album the same name as 失眠 in 1989, the same year I was born.

William So was the few Canto-pop singer to bring jazz in their song and it goes well with the lyric & the melody. 

"At night as this song play through my ear, memories of past came rushing through just like how you can see slideshow of your life before your last breath on Earth. I cried. I regret all the things I did and said to you. No matter how many years has gone by, you still lingers in my heart and life. That is how much you've influenced me." 

Well, that is just how I interpret 失眠. 


失眠 靜聽夜空小雨滴落寞訴出冷清 啊…
失眠 令我內心不禁回憶
黃葉兒舖遍路旁邊 夜雨像跟你淚流遍
激動難抑 啊…

* 討厭這夜失眠無端憶記苦痛又一次

失眠 靜聽夜空風雨在混亂痛哭嘆息 啊…
失眠 倦透內心一再回憶
黃葉兒車碎路旁邊 伴我覓失去舊情意
激動難抑 啊…

痛恨我在以前傷盡你心 當初極不智
縱是訣別數年只屬你心 真情未改變

痛恨我在以前傷盡你心 當初極不智
縱是訣別數年只屬你心 依然未改變

Did any memories came rushing through?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

信樂團- 回不去了

I have waited for them to have a new album and finally after forever, they got out their new album. 就是唯一on October. When 信樂團 got a new vocal, I kind of compare him with 信 but after listening him in the band's new album, my perspective changed. His singing is much softer than the original one but still give off a great rocker voice. I think that voice represent the band a lot. They have been through a lot since losing 信 but their passion for music still lives inside them. 

With this new vocal Jason, the band raise up again producing great 信樂團 style rock music! 

Out of all the song from the band's new album, I really like 回不去了. It said that there are lots of things that we cannot go back even if we want to change it. With Jason's voice, it brings out the sadness even more in the song! I almost cried when I first heard it.


我站在冷風中的路口 忍不住回頭 要你放手
放開手就不要再想我 別讓我看見 你的不捨
有個聲音不斷的牽扯 我知道那是你的溫柔
請你不要再挽留 留下來卻無路可走
我們的愛情回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的青春回不去了 回不去了 已經斷了亂了算


最遠的路是離家越久 回家那條路 就越難走
想家的情歌該唱哪首 才能讓眼淚 痛快的流
有個聲音不斷的顫抖 你知道那是我的傷口
傷到最深的時候 也是我最痛的沈默

我們的擁抱回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的夢想回不去了 回不去了 已經斷了亂了算了


請就讓我離開 請就讓我離開這裡 請就讓我離開
讓我一個人 走向這不歸路

我們的眼淚回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的承諾回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的家園回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的一切回不去了 回不去了 請你放手放手放手

Oh~Oh~不要再愛我 不要再愛我  

Have you done anything that you regret and want to go back?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

鄭秀文 - 親密關係

 親密關係 is a song I haven't listen for quite a while. The first time I listen to this song was back middle school. I did not have any feeling at all after listening because I don't understand the meaning of the lyric. 

That time, I was too little to understand what love really is. It's not like I totally understand what the word "Love" is now but the understanding now is much better than almost 10 years ago. 

I slowly understand what kind of relationship I want after experiencing multiple unsuccessful one. I always thought that I need the kind which have to be together 24/7. I thought that by being that way, I could get more love and more attention from the one I'm dating but it doesn't turn out that way. It became an annoyance which led to separation. 

When I listen to 親密關係 again a couple days ago, I finally get a clear view of what I really want. I don't want to find a soul mate at all. It's all about some kind of communication in a relationship. That communication doesn't have to be through talking but could be just a smile or an action. Maybe if you are feeling sad and suddenly receive a funny text message from him/her. It's like they have a radar somewhere that can detects your feelings. That kind of action would definitely warm your heart.

For those who doesn't know what 親密關係 mean. It literally mean "Close Relationship." 

我嘆氣了 你都說中了 如數家珍 不多不少
每次(我)想說笑 你早已笑了 默契相通
為我解寂寥 一切紛擾 一經你勸勉 算了
未說的問題 咀角一牽已知曉

我跌痛了 你心也碎了 其中辛酸 彷彿抵消
我要衝線了 你心跳快了 步履彷彿都輕飄飄
愉快的心照 怎算輕佻 想起你我會暗笑
受你的照料 別人怎講亦不緊要

* HA . . .像關係親密的戀愛 HA . . .但比戀愛更精彩
WO . . .是超越表面的恩愛 HA . . .沒有別人如此相愛

我氣餒了 你的信到了原先抑鬱 輕鬆不少
 我要的戲票 你早已買了
像約好般 不准騷擾
愉快的心照 怎算輕佻
想起你我會暗笑 受你的照料 別人怎想亦不緊要

什麼都不愛 如果你不寵愛

What are you looking for in a 親密關係?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Album: Mat Kearney-Young Love

 Mat Kearney is an American singer-song writer that mainly focus on rock and folk music. Young Love is his third album and is currently sitting at 5th in the iTunes Album & Rock chart.

The hit single of Young Love is "Hey Mama". It is a song about his wife Annie, which has a very catchy tune.

Hey Mama's MV
If you aren't familiar with Mat Kearney's music, you've probably heard his previous hit from your favorite TV show like on 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, Friday Night Lights, Scrubs, NCIS, and numerous other television shows. 

Young Love Track List 
1 Hey Mama
2 Ships In The Night
3 Count On Me
4 Sooner Or Later
5 Chasing The Light
6 Learning To Love Again
7 Down
8 She Got The Honey
9 Young Dumb And In Love
10 Rochester

My favorite song beside his hit single "Hey Mama" is "Chasing The Light". I think it is a very meaningful song. No matter if you hit a dead-end in your life, you will always find that one tiny light that will guide you out of that darkness. I hope to find a way out of darkness now so hearing this song gives me hope once again that my dreams won't fade away. I will continue to chase it!
I love how every song has its own story. It's like listening to different story and learning different things along the way. Young Love is a great name for this album because these are some crazy things that we all once experience somewhere in out life. Even though the story might be different but it will always be the experiences that we will all remember till the day we die. No one can take it away from. 

Be sure to listen to this wonderful album full of stories that you might relate to!

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were provided by One2One Network for review purposes. In no way I am compensated. All opinions are 100% mine. It will never affect my opinion in any way.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meaning of 張智霖 - 戀上外星人


The meaning of the song 戀上外星人 is talking about the love between the singer and its fans. He want to thank you all the fans who supported an "abnormal" person like him.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


As you can see, I haven't really updated this blog for quite a while because I haven't yet found a song that I really like the previous two months. Recently, I have been listening to this song a lot and I really love the lyric. It reminds me a lot of my past memories. 

The song is called "那誰" sang by a HK singer William So(蘇永康). The direct meaning of the song name is "Who's He/she?". This song is written from a third person point of view. The third-party is telling the story of a guy after his breakup with his lover. That guy tries to do everything to forget the break up but nothing seem to work at all. After all, time can't past away those memories. No matter how many days, weeks, months, or even years have passed, a small thing can trigger back those cuts, wounds and bad memories. The third party said that the guy should just take that as one of the challenge he faced in his path of life. If the right person appears, he'll be able to love again. 

The lyricist Wyman Wong always writes beautiful lyrics that can really trigger one's heart and memories. The MV is really touching too. The actor really portrays the character really well!

William So-那誰

頑固地種在眼睛一角 直到永久 抹不走

但是浮游在 生活亂流
你那新生 你也必須接受
就算多悔咎 自責別太久
不要戀戀心裡 那個傷口

渡日月 穿山水
尚在恨 那 誰
一早 變做 你美好新居
創疤你不挖 亦不知有過 在這裡

淚叠淚 風一吹
漸莫辨 那 誰
連重提往事也 不再絕對
她怎傷害你 講起 你沒再 吐苦水

沒有恨過便更加彷似 白過半生 冷清清

像突然忘掉 尊姓大名
卻記得她 教你差點喪命
是創傷太重 或覺悟太輕
使你不懂釋放 怨懟的根性

渡日月 穿山水
尚在恨 那 誰
一早 變做 你美好新居
創疤你不挖 亦不知有過 在這裡

淚叠淚 風一吹
漸莫辨 那 誰
連重提往事也 不再絕對
她怎傷害你 感恩 替代了那苦水

不見得 就要聽到春天也恐懼
可以不唏噓 可以不心虛

渡日月 穿山水
尚在恨 那 誰
誰曾無堅不摧 摧毀的廢墟
一早 變做了 滿山青翠
敏感處不碰 便不知你葬著心碎

若舊夢 不堪追
就別問 那 誰
從何時 你學會 灑脫面對
她怎傷害你 可否就當做老天
完整你那 沒挫敗波折一生之旅
功德圓滿 方可愛下去

Friday, April 1, 2011


Today is Leslie Cheung's 8 year death anniversary. Even though, he past for 8 year but he and his song will always remain in our heart.

Today's song is called 追 meaning "Chase". It is from a very famous Chinese movie called "He's a Woman, She's a Man (金枝玉葉)". 

有了你 即使平凡卻最重要 
有了你 即使沉睡了 也在笑


這一生 也在進取
這分鐘 卻掛念誰
我會說 是唯獨你不可失去

好風光 似幻似虛 誰明人生樂趣
我會說 為情為愛 仍然是對

誰比你重要 成功了敗了也完全無重要
誰比你重要 狂風與暴雨都因你燃燒

一追再追 只想追趕生命裡一分一秒 
原來多麼可笑 你是真正目標
一追再追 追蹤一些生活最基本需要 
原來早不缺少 ha...
有了你 即使平凡卻最重要

好光陰 縱沒太多
一分鐘 那又如何
會與你 共同渡過 都不枉過

瘋戀多 錯誤更多 如能從新做過
我會說 願能為你 提前做錯

誰比你重要 成功了敗了也完全無重要
誰比你重要 狂風與暴雨都因你燃燒

一追再追 只想追趕生命裡一分一秒 
原來多麼可笑 你是真正目標
一追再追 追蹤一些生活最基本需要 
原來早不缺少 ha...
有了你 即使平凡卻最重要

一追再追 只想追趕生命裡一分一秒 
原來多麼可笑 你是真正目標
一追再追 追蹤一些生活最基本需要 
原來早不缺少 Oh... 只得你

有了你 即使沈睡了 也在笑