Wednesday, October 5, 2011

鄭秀文 - 親密關係

 親密關係 is a song I haven't listen for quite a while. The first time I listen to this song was back middle school. I did not have any feeling at all after listening because I don't understand the meaning of the lyric. 

That time, I was too little to understand what love really is. It's not like I totally understand what the word "Love" is now but the understanding now is much better than almost 10 years ago. 

I slowly understand what kind of relationship I want after experiencing multiple unsuccessful one. I always thought that I need the kind which have to be together 24/7. I thought that by being that way, I could get more love and more attention from the one I'm dating but it doesn't turn out that way. It became an annoyance which led to separation. 

When I listen to 親密關係 again a couple days ago, I finally get a clear view of what I really want. I don't want to find a soul mate at all. It's all about some kind of communication in a relationship. That communication doesn't have to be through talking but could be just a smile or an action. Maybe if you are feeling sad and suddenly receive a funny text message from him/her. It's like they have a radar somewhere that can detects your feelings. That kind of action would definitely warm your heart.

For those who doesn't know what 親密關係 mean. It literally mean "Close Relationship." 

我嘆氣了 你都說中了 如數家珍 不多不少
每次(我)想說笑 你早已笑了 默契相通
為我解寂寥 一切紛擾 一經你勸勉 算了
未說的問題 咀角一牽已知曉

我跌痛了 你心也碎了 其中辛酸 彷彿抵消
我要衝線了 你心跳快了 步履彷彿都輕飄飄
愉快的心照 怎算輕佻 想起你我會暗笑
受你的照料 別人怎講亦不緊要

* HA . . .像關係親密的戀愛 HA . . .但比戀愛更精彩
WO . . .是超越表面的恩愛 HA . . .沒有別人如此相愛

我氣餒了 你的信到了原先抑鬱 輕鬆不少
 我要的戲票 你早已買了
像約好般 不准騷擾
愉快的心照 怎算輕佻
想起你我會暗笑 受你的照料 別人怎想亦不緊要

什麼都不愛 如果你不寵愛

What are you looking for in a 親密關係?


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  2. WOw i love the song...reminds me of this other song that i cant think off...

  3. @Mi_Mi: This is a really good song!