Sunday, April 29, 2012


This is my second post about this singer, William So. As you may know, I don't have a favorite singer or favorite song because I know new ones will keep appearing. There are so much good songs and I just can't narrow it down to a handful that I loved. As I love discovering "new" song, I have found one I like a lot lately. 

It is called 失眠 by William So, a Hong Kong Canto-pop singer. 失眠 means Insomnia in Chinese. The song itself is over 20 years of age, recorded in the album the same name as 失眠 in 1989, the same year I was born.

William So was the few Canto-pop singer to bring jazz in their song and it goes well with the lyric & the melody. 

"At night as this song play through my ear, memories of past came rushing through just like how you can see slideshow of your life before your last breath on Earth. I cried. I regret all the things I did and said to you. No matter how many years has gone by, you still lingers in my heart and life. That is how much you've influenced me." 

Well, that is just how I interpret 失眠. 


失眠 靜聽夜空小雨滴落寞訴出冷清 啊…
失眠 令我內心不禁回憶
黃葉兒舖遍路旁邊 夜雨像跟你淚流遍
激動難抑 啊…

* 討厭這夜失眠無端憶記苦痛又一次

失眠 靜聽夜空風雨在混亂痛哭嘆息 啊…
失眠 倦透內心一再回憶
黃葉兒車碎路旁邊 伴我覓失去舊情意
激動難抑 啊…

痛恨我在以前傷盡你心 當初極不智
縱是訣別數年只屬你心 真情未改變

痛恨我在以前傷盡你心 當初極不智
縱是訣別數年只屬你心 依然未改變

Did any memories came rushing through?