Thursday, October 20, 2011

信樂團- 回不去了

I have waited for them to have a new album and finally after forever, they got out their new album. 就是唯一on October. When 信樂團 got a new vocal, I kind of compare him with 信 but after listening him in the band's new album, my perspective changed. His singing is much softer than the original one but still give off a great rocker voice. I think that voice represent the band a lot. They have been through a lot since losing 信 but their passion for music still lives inside them. 

With this new vocal Jason, the band raise up again producing great 信樂團 style rock music! 

Out of all the song from the band's new album, I really like 回不去了. It said that there are lots of things that we cannot go back even if we want to change it. With Jason's voice, it brings out the sadness even more in the song! I almost cried when I first heard it.


我站在冷風中的路口 忍不住回頭 要你放手
放開手就不要再想我 別讓我看見 你的不捨
有個聲音不斷的牽扯 我知道那是你的溫柔
請你不要再挽留 留下來卻無路可走
我們的愛情回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的青春回不去了 回不去了 已經斷了亂了算


最遠的路是離家越久 回家那條路 就越難走
想家的情歌該唱哪首 才能讓眼淚 痛快的流
有個聲音不斷的顫抖 你知道那是我的傷口
傷到最深的時候 也是我最痛的沈默

我們的擁抱回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的夢想回不去了 回不去了 已經斷了亂了算了


請就讓我離開 請就讓我離開這裡 請就讓我離開
讓我一個人 走向這不歸路

我們的眼淚回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的承諾回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的家園回不去了 回不去了 為何你還不放手
我們的一切回不去了 回不去了 請你放手放手放手

Oh~Oh~不要再愛我 不要再愛我  

Have you done anything that you regret and want to go back?

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